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Thai Therapy Centre

My Journey

I am an Authentic Thai Massage Therapist and I qualified from "Thai Massage association  school in Thailand" of Ministry of Public Health and Wat Poa.


My motivation to be a therapist came from the suffering I went through with my own sciatica; I had acute pain from my lower back to my hip knee and right down to my little toe. I was very fortunate to live beside one of the best Thai Massage Schools in Thailand where the teacher identified my problem and after 4 sessions my long suffering with sciatica was cured.

I became a very enthusiastic student learning the necessary knowledge about physiology and anatomy allowing me to complete my training as a therapist and teacher of Thai Therapy.

I am very passionate about Thai Therapy Massage and when I hear the magic words” thank you June I feel better “The same words I said to my Teacher when I was cured.  



Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday 10am-8pm 

Sunday 11am - 7 pm

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